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Bringing students to colleges!
Taking colleges to students! is an online platform which helps students with their college admissions by
letting them apply to multiple colleges using a Common Application Form.
Our vision is to help bring students to colleges and take opportunities to students!

Advantages of the Online Common Application Form


One Time Application

  • Students have to collate and fill all their admission related information only ONCE on the online Common Application Form.
  • Students can upload and store all their documents in a single location and submit them to colleges as and when applicable.

24/7/365 availability

  • Students can fill and review their applications at anytime of the day or night at their own convenience.
  • Colleges also are not bound by only working hours to review applications, print them and process them further.

No Geographical Limitation

  • Students can apply from any location and do not need to necessarily reside in the same location as the college to apply for a course.
  • Colleges too get an opportunity to welcome students from more diverse backgrounds & geographical locations.
No Queues or Crowds

No Queues or Crowds

  • Students do not need to be physically present and queue up for application submission or to have their queries answered.
  • Colleges do not need to deploy administrative staff to manage the inflow of students during applications or answer their queries.

Lesser Paper Work

  • Colleges do not need to collect application forms physically and process them.
  • All applications can be reviewed online and only those valid for admission need to be printed and filed.

Eligibility Check

  • Due to its online nature, only students eligible for a course will be able to apply for a specific course, depending upon the college’s eligibility criteria.
  • Colleges will be spared the effort of sifting through application forms that are not eligible for admission.

Reduced Resource Requirement

  • Colleges no longer need to deploy resources to address queries, distribute and collect forms, check eligibility, file and store forms.
  • Human resources can be deployed in more productive activities within college.

Accuracy in Applications

  • Students filing in the forms online will ensure accurate information, and the likelihood of error is drastically reduced due to this system.
  • Similarly college staff too will have lesser human errors while processing application forms.

Why Colleges Need an Online Application Platform?

Challenges for Colleges

  • Colleges are unable to easily reach out to a large section of students
  • Marketing and advertising expenses are high and do not yield enough results
  • Printing forms, prospectus etc. increases expense and excess material often goes waste
  • Trained staff required for filing, sorting & filtering applications and checking documents
  • Tedious processes for cash handling, cheque deposits, accounts reconciling etc.
  • Knowledgeable staff required to manage student and parent queries and problems
  • Inflow of quality and quantity of students is sometimes very low

Solutions for Colleges

  • An online platform for colleges to upload their data for easy access for students
  • Assist the colleges existing admission process & bring in more applications
  • Only eligible and relevant students can apply to relevant courses
  • Streamlined collection, retention and management of application and student data
  • Saves money/man hours as everything is online, organized and easily searchable

Benefits for Colleges

  • As only eligible students can apply the admission process becomes simpler & efficient
  • Saves the college time and man hours as the process is online
  • Direct and un-obscured connectivity with the student/parents
  • Eliminates hassles associated with conventional admission process
  • Eliminates infrastructure cost on servers and staff for its maintenance
  • Increase accuracy in work and removes paper work
  • No dependance on staff members to prepare data sheets for any kind of analysis
  • Save man hours in managing information with automation
  • Instant access to information required for decision making or presentations
  • Easily searchable and accessible information by searching online database
  • All kind of reports can be generated daily, weekly, monthly and annually
  • Digital record of all activities year after year as an important asset of the Institution
  • Intelligent analytics and reporting for reconciling records and data
  • No hardware or software installation or download required to use the system
  • User friendly interface and easy to comprehend management console for college
  • Secure architecture & role based access rights restriction

Why Students Need an Online Application Platform?

Challenges for Students & Parents

  • Students find the admission process in multiple colleges difficult and a daunting task
  • They have to line up in queues for getting admission forms, form deposits, fee deposits, document attachments, checking admission status etc. Multiple trips are often required for completing the application process
  • Multiple trips result in increased expenses due to traveling, boarding & lodging costs Parents have to accompany female students to different states for applying in colleges
  • Multiple college applications & multiple trips multiply the costs
  • There is limited, unstructured or no information about the colleges, courses, fee, admission process on the Internet
  • Students are unable to compare college in absence of information being in a standard, comparable format. Students are not always able to locate a colleges’ website. As a result, students apply to colleges in the vicinity of their residence, limiting their choices
  • Hassle and risk of carrying original documents to different colleges during admission process
  • Connectivity to smaller cities are a hassle as the transport facilities are not that good and well defined. Reaching the last mile becomes a challenge
  • As requirements of documents varies from college to college, students may fall short of a document and have to keep traveling back and forth to the college

Solutions & Benefits

  • With a Common Application Form, students can search and select colleges on a single online interface & apply to multiple colleges
  • Students get a wide access to information about colleges and are able to explore their options
  • A form filled once helps the students to apply to multiple colleges in one shot. Students can conveniently make and confirm payments for multiple colleges in a single go. The same form, with updates can be used to apply for higher education and courses
  • Save money, time and hassles of traveling, postal or courier service
  • Students get admission updates and notification from colleges on their email and mobile via SMS alerts
  • Students can track all their applications on one single dashboard online
  • Students can interact directly with colleges and can send all their admission related queries to colleges directly and the colleges will revert back with an answer