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How EduGrail Works? is an online platform to apply to multiple colleges in India using a single Common Application Form. EduGrail partners with leading colleges and institutes and allows them to accept applications through this online platform.



Student signup on EduGrail is free. Students can sign-up and complete their student profile. Once the student has setup his online profile, he can start shortlisting colleges of his choice, based on the course, location of the college or other selection parameters. All shortlisted colleges will appear in the student’s interface. Students can then further refine their selection and apply to all the colleges in one shot by paying a processing charge of only Rs.200 per application. All the student applications are sent to the colleges directly. The colleges then review and evaluate the applications and calls students to complete an interview / admission process.


For the student, EduGrail is a single point of application, where once your application is complete, you can select and apply to as many courses and colleges as you like. You do not need to travel to different colleges to collect application forms and fill them individually.

How EduGrail Works?